Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lump On A Cows Throat How Do You Palpate A Cow To Check For Pregnancy?

How do you palpate a cow to check for pregnancy? - lump on a cows throat

I tried several times, my arm was almost to the shoulder. I've heard that you only press down, and if you are a blow with members, etc., then they should be pregnant. But I found a cow in about 5 months and could not see anything, but now (and the due date is July 28) Someone said that she is pregnant and said to feel the baby kick from outside. (this type used a washing Knee / Kicking System.)

Am I doing something wrong? How far to go? Press too hard? I walked a little, but seemed to be harmful to push hard ... I do not know ....


mata said...

Toni - it's a really stupid answer! Would not you think that you would have thought? A-Duh Duh!
I do not know how, but I hope someone does something, because you only if you had a cow!

Toni f said...

Get a veterinarian to do to get it for you

Listenin... said...

Dido, the first response

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